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Subject: Drive In Movie Encounter Part OneThis is a story of homosexual sex between two young boys. If you are
offended by this type of story, please do not read it. Otherwise, I hope you
enjoy it.This is a true story that happened to me in my last year of high school. The
names of the participants have been changed, but I'm sure the people
involved would recognize the event.Drive In Movie Encounter: Part OneThree of my friends and I had gone to the local drive in movie for an
all-nite series of horror attractions. As was the custom, we parked way in
the back, away from any other cars. My name is Drew, and my three friends
were Jack, Brian, and Paul. We were all 18 and in our final year of high
school. Paul and I were also all members of the local squadron of the Civil
Air Patrol, and were planning to one day make a career of the Air Force.This was back in the days before so many diseases were around. The most
common contraction was maybe a case of the crabs. We had all been friends
since grade school and had done just about everything together, including
group dating. Not that we were all knockouts-actually, I guess you could
say we were pretty much average in looks, maybe a little above average. None
of us had any trouble finding a date.As far as I knew, my friends were as straight as could be. However, I knew I
was becoming sex teens 10-16 years more and more interested in sneaking looks at other guys in the
locker rooms. I was afraid to let my feelings be known, since we lived in a
small, very uptight town that frowned on any sexual activity not considered
Biblically approved.Jack and Brian never struck me as the type who would ever consider doing
anything with another guy. They were both on the football team. Brian was
the quarterback and was about 6' 2", about 190 pounds and very well
proportioned after many years of weights and training. Jack was a running
back, about 6', and weighed about 220 pounds. He had muscles in places that
most people don't even have places. Paul, however, had shown some of the
same feelings I felt on occassion. He was about 5' 6", about 143 pounds,
blonde crew cut hair and a slim swimmer's build. I was 5' 8", 152 pounds, a
thick shock of brown hair, with a little more muscle definition from years
on the wrestling team. We had seen each other naked many times in the gym.
Paul had very little body hair. Actually, he shaved his underarms and legs
during swimming season. He had a nice thick patch of blode pubic hair,
surrounding a beautifully shaped cut dick that hung about 4-5 inches soft
(the only condition I had ever seen it in). I was also cut and my dick
measured about 6 1/2 inches when hard, teens 14 years porn which was becoming more and more the
condition it was sex 14 years porno in when around other guys.The four of us were in my car and had settled down as the movie marathon
began. Brian and Jack were in the back seat, Paul and I in the front.
Various comments were made about some of the scenes, which were pretty
hoakey at times. As we became bored, talk turned to sex and our various
conquests. I'm sure each and every tale was exaggerated to some extent, at
least I know my stories were. I noticed Paul didn't offer any sordid tales
of his own, and I began to wonder if it was possible I was reading some of
the signs correctly. He would laugh and agree at the appropriate times with
the intimate details supplied by Brian and Jack, but I thought I saw him
actually blush when Brian described how it felt when Mary Jo Connerly went
down on him and sucked his dick. "Yeah, man! That gal could suck a tennis
ball through a water hose" Brian gleefully chuckled. "Did you eat her out
too?" Jack asked. "Shit yeah dude. She was so hot, she got off three times
before she begged me to shove my girl 14 year xxx dick up her cunt!" Brian replied. "Ohh,
man, I'm gettin' a hard on that won't quit" Jack quipped.Paul appeared to be listening intently to the two in back, and had turned
sideways in the seat to have a better view. In doing so, his knee came in
contact with my thigh. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not. Paul
didn't seem to be aware of the contact. I decided to take advantage of russian 13 year nude the
situation and also turned a little sideways, keeping contact with Paul's leg
while I offered a young nude sex 12years comment or two now and then. Paul was wearing a pair of
running shorts that rode high up on his legs. I had on a pair of shorts on
also and the contact of bare skin on bare skin was becomming rather warm.The movies were almost forgotten by now. We were caught up in Brian and Jack
getting more and more descriptive about their latest fucks. My right arm
was on the 14 16 year porno back of the seat. Very casually, I let my left hand move slowly,
until it 50-year old woman nude contacted Paul's nearest leg. I saw him glance at my hand, then
look into my eyes for a moment, but he didn't move his leg. I slowly grew
braver and let my fingers lightly start to carress his leg just above the
knee. By now I knew he was aware of the contact, but he didn't seem to
mind. Still trying to appear to be listening to Brian and Jack's
conversation, I slowly moved my hand higher up Paul's leg. I sensed him
take a sharpe intake of breath and look at me again for a longer time, then
look back at our two friends in the back seat. I felt him move his hand
over on top of mine."Oh great!", I thought. "I've gone too far and now he's pissed". To my
delight, however, Paul didn't try to remove my hand, but instead gave it a
slight squeeze. I felt my dick start to grow. He didn't stop me from
moving my hand to the edge of the leg of his shorts. Our movements were
completely hidden from Brian and Jack, who kept up their banter.I was just starting to slip my fingers under the edge of Paul's shorts, when
Jack suddenly said: "Shit! I'm so horney, I could screw a stone statue!".
Brian quickly said "Me too. Hey, let's make a run to the john. I've got to
piss something awful". "Sounds good" porno free 16 year
Jack replied. "Maybe we can check out
the snack bar and see if we can pick up some chicks. You two want to join
us?" I quickly said "Naw. I think I'll just stay in the car. You guys go
ahead". When Paul also turned them down, my hopes went up like a rocket.
"Wow! Does this mean he wants to continue our little adventure?", I thought,
as my dick 12 year russian nudists became rock hard. 14 years teen pussy Paul had to slide over almost on top of me as
Brian and Jack pushed the seat forward to get out. Before I moved my hand
away, Paul's movement caused my hand to press against his crotch. 15 years girls porn I was
almost sure I could feel a hardness along his leg.When Brian and Jack had disappeared into the darkness, there was a sudden
awkward silence between Paul and me. It was as if we were two strangers who
weren't sure how to start a conversation. I finally decided to push my luck
and slid over until I was touching Paul from knee to hip. My right arm was
still on the back of the seat and I let it 14 years girl porn move down until my hand brushed
his shoulder. Again, I felt Paul take a deep breath and he put his head
back on my arm.We pretended to watch the movie, but our thoughts were definitely not on the
screen. I could hear Paul breathing heavily as I again moved my left hand
onto his leg, halfway between his knee and thigh. I began a slow caressing
of the bare skin that felt warm to my touch, moving gradually back up to the
edge of the leg of his shorts. Paul hissed through his teeth and when I
looked over, I saw his eyes were closed. As my fingers slipped under the
edge of his shorts, he moaned and said "That feels sooo good"! I knew I had
the go ahead now. When Paul turned his head toward me, I leaned over and
pressed my lips to his, cutting him off as he started to say something. I
had never had the urge to kiss another guy before, but it seemed so natural,
I couldn't help it. "Mmmmmmphhh" was all I heard from Paul as my tongue
touched his lips. I felt his lips open and allow my tongue to enter and
tease the insides of his mouth.As our kiss depened and grew more passionate, my fingers finally reached the
juncture of his thighs and closed around his steeley hard dick. We were
both moaning now, and Paul turned into me moving his arm around my neck and
rolling his hips toward me, which loosened the leg of his shorts and allowed
me full access to his dick. I could feel the wet spot on his briefs that
his precum was causing. I knew my own dick was oozing its' share of
wettness too. My car had the type front seat that reclined. Without
breaking our kiss, I reluctantly removed my left hand from Paul's throbbing
dick long enough to let the seat down to its' prone position.As my left hand moved to the top of Paul's shorts, he raised his hips off
the seat. I pulled his shorts down to expose his white briefs with an
obvious hard on tenting them. I moved my kisses to his throat, and slid my
hands up under his pullover shirt to play with his nipples. "Oh God, Drew,
don't stop!" Paul gasped. "Ive never done anything like this with another
guy before". "Neither have I", I 15 years girls porn said, "So tell me if I do somethig you
don't like. Otherwise, I'll just do what feels young porn 12 year good to us both".I pushed his shirt up and fastened my mouth to a nipple and began to nibble
and suck the hardening point. This brought a new round of moans and gasps
from Paul. "Ahhhhhhhh! I've never felt anything like this before", he
groaned. His mouth open wide 14years old fuck sex
and no sound came out at first when my hand
again slid into his shorts, this time under his briefs and onto his silky
dick. I began a rhythmatic squeezing and stroking of his hard shaft, making
him pant and move his hips in a fucking motion.I knew he was getting close, but I didn't want him to cum yet. I wanted to
take him in my mouth before that happened. I was shocked by the thought I
actually wanted to suck another guy's dick. Just at that time, we heard
Brian and Jack returning, loudly laughing and talking. We barely had time to
get the seat back up and for Paul to pull his shorts up when our two buddies
came up to the car. Either they were so excited, they didn't notice the
steamed up car windows, or maybe they chose to ignore the obvious. It seems
they had lucked out and run into a couple of hot chicks who wanted a good
roll in the hay. The girls 16-year-old girl porn had invited Brian and Jack to leave with them.
I had a very hard time appearing to be disappointed that they couldn't stay
for the movie. "Well, anyway, I guess I can't blame you two", 10 years porn free
I croaked out
finally. "So, you guys won't be pissed if we take off then?" asked Brian.
"Naw, go ahead. Paul and I will be OK" I said, barely able to contain
myself.After Brian and Jack left, Paul and I immediately fell back into each others
arms and began passionately kissing. This went on for quite a while, but
when my hands reached for Paul's shorts, he pulled his mouth away from mine
and gasped "Wait, Drew, wait! We can't do this here. Somebody else might
come up before we hear them. My parents would kill me if they knew".
"Yeah, sex teens 10-16 years
mine would too", I said. "I don't want to stop, though". "Neither
do I, Paul remarked. I want to do the same teen 14 year pissing things to you that you are
driving me crazy with".I suddenly had a great idea! Since we were both senior 14 years teen pussy
cadets in our Civil
Air Patrol squadron, we had access to the hanger at the airport. "Let's go
to the hangar, Paul. We can be alone there and the office is air
conditioned, and has a big sofa. We can get naked and really get each other
off". "What about the security guard?" asked Paul. "No problem, we can
tell him we have a flight scheduled and need to study the charts and fill
out a flight plan" I said. Paul agreed, saying "I don't want to go home and
jack off. I want to feel your mouth on me again, Drew, and I want your dick
in my mouth. Let's do it".We quickly left the drive in and headed for the airport. Now this was a
small town. Our airport wasn't russian 13 year nude
exactly LAX. It was just a small paved strip
out at the edge of the town, with a few hangars and a few single engine
airplanes. It was perfect for what we had in teenie porn 14 years
mind.As we drove, Paul moved over next to me and laid his head on my shoulder.
He slipped his right hand into my shorts and grasped my hard dick. He
squeezed it and ran his finger around the head, just behind the corona. I
spread my legs to give him room girl 17year porno and tried to concertrate on keeping the car
on our side of the road. He whispered to me, "I've fantasized about doing
this with you for years Drew. Every time I see you in the locker room, I
have to hide my boner". I was astounded! This gorgeous guy had the hots
for me and I had been too scared to look for the signs. "It's a shame it
took so long for us to let each other know. Think about all the fun we could
have been having", I said. "Well, let's not wait any longer" Paul replied.End Of Part One. Please refer any comments to ghettorodhotmail.com.
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